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Laurie Yoga

Yoga Basics

This class will go over the fundamentals of yoga with progression for people new to yoga. It is slower pace with details of alignment, breathing and relaxation to give you a solid foundation for a safe yoga practice. It is recommended that you stay in this beginner level for 4 to 8 months based on once a week attendance before progressing to upper levels.


Moderate Yoga

Suitable to the experienced yoga student. An eclectic blend of Hatha yoga styles with more challenging postures for strength, core work, and introduction to vinyasa (power). Slow Flow and precision of alignment techniques are emphasized in Laurie’s class.


Morning Yoga with Maureen

All-Levels class with focus on alignment.


Specialty Yoga

Is a series of classes with a theme.  They are typically a four to eight week course that includes, lecture, discussion and journaling in addition to yoga poses that are selected specifically for a particular outcome.  Some of the Specialty Yoga classes that have been taught at Facilitated Healing Center are: Yoga for Weight Loss,Yoga for Core, Yoga for Relaxation, Yoga for A Calm and Peaceful Life, Yoga for Low Back, and Chair Yoga.





Gentle Yoga with Lisa Eberhardt

Thursdays, 10:00-11:30 AM

Starts September 6

Ongoing class pay as you go

$15 per class payable to Lisa


Take time to slow down the pace of life and experience the peace that a gentle yoga class has to offer. Through a sequencing of gentle and restorative poses, you will unravel the tension from your body and mind. This class will leave you feeling refreshed and reconnected to yourself.


All classes with Lisa are pay as you go. Classes are $15. No need to sign up or register in advance. Cash or check payable to Lisa Eberhardt.

Class Descriptions 860-635-0509